Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Plotnick Thickens

My manager has been asking me to go see this guy, Jack Plotnick, for AGES! No, for a few weeks. I missed the first round of lectures about 6 - 7 weeks ago, but last night I was able to run in and finally see the man himself! 

Jack is a well-respected actor in LA.  He also speaks passionately about acting and how to release our fears that constantly hold us back as performers and as people.  He has a wonderful book online that I am halfway through - and may I say that after reading just the first chapter, I went and had an amazing meeting with some industry folks by simply following his advice. He's a real person with real compassion for the career we're striving for out here. He also reminded me that I have permission not to like people I meet. What a concept - yep, I suffer from "Nice Girl Syndrome", a common condition.

I release the need to impress these people, Jack!!!

Here's a link to Jack's site and his online book, now start readin':

"Love acting again. Heal from the crap you learned. BOOK MORE WORK!" ~ Jack Plotnick


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