Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let the Levy Break

BACK from some marvelously relaxing holidays. A little TOO relaxing if you are flying back to the home you left at 16.  No, no, no, I LOVE my family you guys - but I am just ready to GO here. Audition, audition and audition, please.  January is a busy month with many self-motivated projects to better the ol' career, so here we go.

Took a workshop today at AA Studio - the one and only John Levy.  He cast ER, now he casts Southland and Shameless.  I just watched the second season of Shameless (missed the first), but an interesting ensemble show.  Emmy Rossum is the most interesting to me. I like and admire her character. William H. Macy is a scoundrel to the Nth degree, so it's hard to love him. He's a bit obvious at times, but love his animation.

I prepared a scene as Ann from SEX, LIES & VIDEOTAPE (1989, people) - she just found out her sleazebag husband is sleeping with her sister, so she runs over to Graham's house. This is after being really freaked out about his "hobby" and his filming her sister (or her sister ASKING to be filmed) and not really wanting to get in touch with him despite completely being intrigued by him.

John wasn't giving feedback. He really just said "Great. Very nice work, Where are you from?"  I assume he was fine in his watching the scene.  I am trying not to listen to myself, but oh its hard. I hate that I do that. As an actor, I need to feel it naturally and be aware again of the beautiful impulses that come along.  When will I get to act with someone real who is not a reader?!  Not to put down the reader, he was great. I mean to have someone off of which to REALLY play. I should be approaching him like I want to illicit a reaction from him, huh? Yeah, that would be helpful.

Anyway, we'll see.  John Levy is casting Southland, but he made it clear that not many of us pretty people get on that show. Unfortunately, my headshots are glam glam but my reel is gritty and nitty.  How often do they look at your reel though? Not often.

Actually the old reel is getting revamped this month.  Hooray!  Part of my strategy of the new year.  Very excited and been working on the material for awhile. More posts to come and Happy New Year!

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