Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Breakersssss

I have been a terrible film student as of late. The only film I have seen (finally!) is SPRING BREAKERS directed by underground king, Harmony Korine. My roomie was talking my ear off about this flick for weeks - and I had no clue it was directed by the Harms - who also famously wrote "Kids" elevating a young Chloe Sevigny.  But the film's marketing confused and intrigued me. Four college girls - two of which are well known Disney darlings (Hudgens and Gomez. sidebar:  WHY IS SELENA ON THE COVER OF EVERY MAGAZINE ALL THE TIME. Blech I say.) - and they are all kinds of sexed up and controversial. And James Franco.

I started reading a little bit about the film here and there - a threesome with James Franco? James Franco being wigga'd out for the role and looking a mixture of freaky, ridiculous, and awesome all at once? Warnings of hard drugs and alcohol abuse shown? James Franco with a grill? The guy that wrote KIDS? James Franco?! What. Is. This. Film?

So naturally I ran to the theater with some friends. And luckily, Harmony came out before the flick with the ATL Twins (who are these people?!) and said a few words that really prepped me for what I was about to see. He said "Consider this film to be a kind of pop poem. Let the physical experience kind of wash over you and don't think about it." And that is exactly what I did. 

It's got the exact imagery one would picture for the most stereotypically wild SB experience. I, being the good child and going to a religious college, never even TRIED to think of having a Spring Break like this. But I wouldn't want to. I do not want my rack out and about for all to see with beer being poured over every crevice.  Naturally, I would be sunning under an umbrella anyway with #100 sunscreen on drinking something much classier. Anywho, the music is fitting and truly adds to the experience. Franco - who I usually don't love - is wonderfully entertaining, somehow pulling off a delicate (almost ingenious) balance of ridiculous and dangerous at the same time. His scene with Selena gets creepily great. His scene in the bedroom with Hudgens and the blonde chick? Even better - the movie takes twists and turns that surprise, delight, and fright - moving sweetly between real and unreal.

Good unconventional fun.  I wonder what a meathead would say if I asked him his opinion of it? I'd like to know. Pardon me while I run over to the nearest frat.

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