Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wash Rinse Repeat

Whoa, I just bit into the most delicious ginger snap cookie in the universe.  But it was more of a ginger mush since they popped that sucka in the microwave.

Hey folks - how ARE you? It's been a moment. And what has happened in those moments? Many many things. Are any of them roles that Eva Swan performed flawlessly in? Um, no. In fact, I have only been out ONCE this pilot season but it was for one of the hottest shows in town "Halt and Catch Fire".  Yes. The one being produced by the bad ass of Breaking Bad, Mark Johnson.  (He's kind of great at his job.)  I was fortunate enough to audition for one of the series regulars, Donna Clark, the wife of Gordon Clark - a misunderstood genius low on the totem pole at work.  This pilot is one to watch out for. Talk about shows that have excellent, slow food style writing (Madmen, Breaking AMC in general?) - this will be the one to watch out for and get hooked on. 

Enough said - I auditioned for Sharon Bialy herself.  She was nothing but kind, courteous and complimentary.  Feedback? She was impressed, she thought I was lovely, and she said would cast me in a series, but perhaps not THIS series (such was the case as the role of Donna went to the lovely Kerry Bishe from ARGO). So all in all - good feedback, a great opp to meet Sharon and I was proud of my work. Never TOO proud but you know how hard I can be on myself. High standards: cursed with them.

Speaking of, I am seeing Ally Bader (top associate of Bialy/Thomas) tomorrow night for a workshop at The Casting Network in Valley Village.  I need to stay on their radar. It's tougher than a piece of shoe leather in Antarctica to be an actor among millions of actors in this town when all people see is an ocean of thumbnails and if you're lucky enough to be clicked on, you might even get to have your reel watched and even THEN, does your filmed work have any similarity to the role they are looking to cast?  It's a gamble. This entire career is incredibly high-risk. My parents probably have the most excellent pores in the world because their daughter's pursuits have made them sweat on a somewhat permanent basis.

SO, where I am currently: I have to get the reel in shape. Yes, I shot things for it recently in January. Yes, I am totally unhappy with it - only because a reel has to reflect where you are in your skills TODAY, and that one does not. In its entirety, anyway.  So Eva is going to shoot more quite soon, oh yes. The reel is an ongoing project until I can present something stellar.  You hear me?! STELLAR!!!! STEL-LAAAAAAR!!! (Eva having a Marlon Brando Streetcar moment.)

Don't worry about me though, kids, I AM getting out there commercially (thank the good Lawd) and I recently auditioned for Serta, Bank of America, and Liquid Plumr.  At least that side of me is getting oiled on a regular basis and I get to go out and improvise for fun commercial spots. Me likey doing that. But I am overdue to book another, so let's do something about that, mk?  Getting new headshots tomorrow for partially this purpose.  I want my thumbnail to punch you in the face, Casting Directors!

Lastly, other things I am doing: casting a feature film for a good friend (so excited to do this), sprouting a tail and becoming a gym rat, drinking kombucha on a regular basis and balancing all this acidity, redesigning my bedroom (I found the most awesome Marimekko duvet for cheap, yeeeeah), and considering a Macbook Air because this old girl PC I have right now? She is about to expire like a milk carton in the desert sun. 

Love to everyone and signing off.  More to come.

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