Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am an avid podcaster. Lots of NPR shows (Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, RadioLab, This American Life), but the one that truly hooked me was Marc Maron's WTF Pod interviews.  If you love stand-up, comedians, and exploring the comedy realm in a much deeper and more personal way, check this out: 

There's an app for your phone that's cheap and COMPLETELY worth it.  Maron is so wonderfully neurotic, adroitly raw with every guest, and you can't help but relate to the emotional honesty of this man.  I even went so far as to bring him pizza to a live show was kind of awkward...but the live shows are my fave now - it's like a sampler platter of comedians. Yes, I said sampler platter because I am from Kentucky and this menu option is dear to my heart.

I've gotta say that the interview with Rob Corddry was my first and I was ROLLING on the floor at his Oliver Stone anecdote as well as shocked at his honest outlook on being a parent. I've also gotten an education about the dark, bitter world of stand-up. It's wildly intriguing and terribly rough. This podcast is also free on itunes and includes the last 50 episodes. DO IT!

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