Monday, May 28, 2012


I haven't told many people yet, but my next role is in an upcoming low-budget SAG feature comedy entitled JUNGLE LA LA.  Story by Limor Gottlieb (creative woman fresh out of Pasadena's prestigious Art Center College of Design, where film luminaries such as Michael Bay and Zack Snyder got their start) and screenplay by the young and talented Kit Steinkellner (a UCLA grad who is now an accomplished playwright, screenwriter, and regular contributor to BOOK RIOT; she has another screenplay in development, CHASTITY, with Community Entertainment). 

We recently attached a director to this project: Sara Sugarman.  This woman is incredibly talented and I am OH SO THRILLED to begin working with her. Her most recent feature is VINYL, a hilarious punk-rock film that she directed around her home town in Wales for almost NOTHING. Sara is such a stand-up gal that it is obvious to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her that she is not good, but GREAT peeps. Not only that, but she has wonderful instincts within her profession - just watch Vinyl - it is a fresh, lovely delight.

So enough about these people who are amazing! Who am I in the film?

I play MOLLS HARLAN, a tough loner cookie with no dad, no mom, no inhibitions and no regrets.
A character description:

MOLLS - 27

Molls could be the next female Jack Kerouac.  She’s a self-educated loner, who rides a motorcycle and she can fist bump with any working class dude in LA. She’s a broken girl from a broken home with nothin’ but a pen, a bed, and Mac. Her seed money to finish her novel was stolen by a certain Nick Rattray and now she’s out to get back her cash with a high interest rate of revenge. She prides herself on separating the men from the jagoffs and she’s pissed that her Asshole Radar missed Nick.  Molls is gorgeous, vintage, sexy and perfectly cool. Don’t go by appearances though, you’ll get her fist halfway down your throat.  If there’s a conquering theme in Moll’s life, it’s self respect.  If there is a rule she adheres to, it’s that there are no rules.

So, in answer to your question, yes, I will need to learn to ride a motorcycle. That has already begun, my friends...

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