Monday, May 28, 2012

Minimoto Training with Mike Franklin

There's this hip motorcycle guru named Mike Franklin. He took me out Friday, May 25th to Antelope Valley - specifically, to Willow Springs Race Track.  Seven Straight Hours of Motorcycle Training from SCRATCH, people. I have never driven a stick-shift so my only concept of a CLUTCH is a cute handbag accessory that holds my license, cash and car keys.

Mike has shown me otherwise; he dressed me in leather from head to toe, he commanded that I bring my own helmet and gloves (purchased at Thunder Road on Santa Monica Boulevard for a sweet little discount - thank you,  Max!) and he shoved me into the windiest wind as I "felt" my way through some fabulous motorcycle training.  Mike's method is: do it, feel it, know it and don't worry so much about it, kid. 

In answer to your questions: yes, I crashed and rolled through the dirt, yes, I did some wheelies and yes, I had to give up the track multiple times to a 6-year old in a tiny go-kart. He would have lapped me anyway.

I had a blast - and I look forward to crashing again.

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