Monday, August 6, 2012


Yes - it is Monday - and I had the workshop with CD Bruce Newberg on Saturday - and I know that for 36 hours your mind has been screaming "JUST TELL US WHAT HAPPENED ALREADY!!!"

First of all, this was my first experience at The Casting Network. Very prompt and friendly responses from Marcia, the owner. A lovely personality and an obviously hard worker keeping this ferris wheel of a casting institution afloat.

Secondly, parking is plentiful on the street.

Thirdly, arrive in a timely fashion for these things because it is NOT a good impression to fall into class in a tardy manner. Rude and ruder.

Numero Four, realize that this isn't the ideal place to get to know other actors.  Before the workshop, everyone is concentrating on their sides and in their own bubbles and head spaces.  This is a good sign - it means these actors actually care about what they do, they are preparing for what they paid for, and there will be something brought to the table by each and every one. It's true, the actors at TCN are on a different skill level - more advanced, focused and professional. Thank. The. Lord.

Enter Mr. Newberg. His pre-workshop advice is brief but precise and of course, invaluable for the easily misguided or meandering actor. Basically, he tells us how to make the most of our time within an audition context.  Preparation, persona, and perfect your questioning. Easy enough and thank you, sir.

His own persona was quite approachable and revealed a sense of humor from the start. Even though I organized headshots for the actors as they approached the "stage" (an extra challenge - not always easy to match those puppies up to their rightful owner...), I was able to feel somewhat comfortable before I volunteered my turn.

Something I found helpful: I was almost ballsy enough to go first, but instead I opted to watch for awhile and see how Mr. Newberg worked and how the actors performed. As other actresses embodied the same character I had chosen (though no one else had chosen my scene specifically - hooray!), I was able to pick up a more precise understanding of the pace of the scene intended, the character traits intended, and the overall show "feel" intended. Yes, I already had a good idea of all of these things, but if you sit back and listen for awhile, you are assured to a further degree. This solidified some choices for me.

Mr. Newberg seemed satisfied with my performance and offered critique that I completely agreed with: lighten up and go further with the comedic moments of the scene. Now, I LOVE comedy, but I tend to be less funny when under pressure. So I'm working on it. And I will have to be smarter about it - perhaps pre-conceive a thing or two as I work backwards to my naturally hilarious core. ;)

All in all, a good workshop. I enjoyed it very much and I intend to follow up with this gentleman.

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