Friday, August 3, 2012

Crimes of the Heart

Tomorrow, a workshop with Bruce Newberg - major CD for "The Closer", its spin-off  "Major Crimes", "Hellcats", and various feature feelms. I like that pronunciation better. I haven't done a workshop in 100 fortnights thus I am extremely excited. So are the lizards outside of my window - they are hunching their backs in anticipation. 

Mr. Newberg will be reading with each actor from a various selection of sides he has provided. I actually really like the scene I'm doing - young gal, young guy - coming home from who knows where, she is extremely worked up and exasperated at his presence because he doesn't get the hint or doesn't care that she is completely and utterly unhappy in their relationship and it boggles her mind that he doesn't address it!!!  I might know something about that. At least, about the need to point out what is - to me - the pink elephant in the room. 

I'm looking forward to the experience greatly - and looking forward to performing in front of the other actors, creatively and courageously delving into the work and my intention is: Do Not Stop Myself, My Instincts, Or My Choices - Just Go With It.  I have various alarms that trigger regularly while working on new scenes - these alarms are deeply integrated in my brain. I'm trying to take out all the batteries before tomorrow's workshop and, well, for the rest of my career. An actor can't be continuously regretting or doubting their choices as they live within the moments of the scene. Bad, Actor, Bad! An actor also can't beat themselves up too much. Well, that's another issue entirely - a tad more long-term in its resolution.

After the workshop - 40th High School Reunion bartending in Chatsworth - woooooooo! Seniors and shots! Should be a blast, actually...

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