Sunday, August 19, 2012


Workshops. Workshops. Workshops. Workshops. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand workshops.

Recently, I did a workshop with Bruce Newberg at The Casting Network. Even though I did well, I'll have to seek him out again because I am one of twenty billion actors he sees every year - and unless he has a part for me RIGHT THEN and RIGHT THERE - most likely, he will have a hard time remembered my blonde hair and blue eyes with some distinction. I'll track him down next month for another go.

Until then, I've got some upcoming gigs this week I'm excited about. Monday night, 8/20 - I will be performing for Michelle Wade Byrd of Betty Mae Casting. Betty Mae is a BIG DEAL, folks. They have cast many a quality project and I am thrilled to cross paths with Ms. Byrd. Byrd, meet Swan. Then Saturday, 8/25 - I'll do a little ditty for Lisa Beach, a seasoned CD of Los Angeles. 

And this morning (I am a busy little bee), I attended a free audition for ITA Productions - a workshop facility in Culver City that's been around since 1983.  Yes, I said audition. Do they hold public workshops that anyone can attend? Why yes! But when casting directors are given the option to hold a "public" or "private" workshop ("private" being one that is attended by members of ITA only) - CDs often opt for the quality over quantity rule. With Members-Only workshops, the talent is guaranteed to be of a sharper skill set.

If you are an actor interested in auditioning, go to their site: - and go to their "Public Calender". Here you can find a convenient audition date and give it a shot with no money down, just gasoline. I had a really good experience with them this morning. Christopher and Van run the joint (at least, on Sundays) and us kids got the 411 on workshops and marketing ourselves successfully. Don't knock it till you try it because I know that the $$$ factor is daunting. Budget out a workshop or two a month.  This accelerates your relationship growth with various casting directors dramatically without going only through the agent/audition grind. Workshops are a way to take professional relationships into your own hands - in exchange for a little cheddar of course. Plus, you can have way big fun.

Totally worth it. I find out tomorrow if I get accepted to ITA. I'll keep you posted.

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