Friday, August 3, 2012


Whoa. Hello. I'm BACK from a long and difficult representation journey through Managerland - a subsection of La-La composed of a combination of smooth, silky dunes and tall, seemingly impossible crags. Luckily, there's sometimes a foothold in the shadowed stone, an occasional flinty jutting branch, a bird or two that once in a while drop from the sky to squawk support.  On the other side, I have officially found an absolutely fabulous manager, Ms. Renee Missel of RM Management.

She is a sophisticated, professional dream and thinks I can act. Could I ask for more?

Let me just: HOORAY!

Renee knows the industry of Los Angeles like the back of her hand. She has been a studio executive, a producer, of feature films, head of the Santa Barbara Film Festival for years, and dang does she know her stuff.  Her management company has been thriving since 2003 and now I can be a part of her exciting team.

RMM IMDB Link Here

Now I have official help in getting an AGENT - and there are some mighty good contenders. Wish us luck!

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