Monday, August 6, 2012

HOLY F***!

That, my friends, is the name of a comedy show - a FREE comedy show (mind you) that I attend regularly.

HOLY F***!
Tuesdays @ 9pm
Downtown Independent Theater
beers/sodas/tears of laughter on tap

What kind of show is this? Well, it's a show that actually spells out the word F***! but that I choose to sensor because my dear, sweet mother has asked me not to use such profanity. Shame on me! It's the show that made me do it! She doesn't, however, have a problem with the word "Holy". :)

Anyway, the format is like 'dis: two or three comedic shorts (skits and blips and blurps) - then seven to nine stand-up comics - then a headliner!  Since the show has been around for a couple of years, the reputation has really grown - so many "serious" comics who are on their way up that bitterly steep ladder come by.  Bigger professionals (Dave Foley, Moshe Kasher, TJ Miller, Maria Bamford, Marc Maron to name a few) come by to headline, to work out their material or sometimes just drop in. Other up and comin' folks just practice practice practice and give as good a show as they can.  And it ain't always great, but hey, it's like movie night - you may not like the movie particularly, but you're not there to LIKE it, you're there to LEARN about it, discover it, grow with it, etc.

It's a great way to see new comics, discover new talent, become a new fan of someone's twisted sense of humor and see where this comedy dove flies from such young hands.

I may even begin writing about the shows I attend. We'll see.

If you're on FB - just join the HOLY F*** page and you'll get invited to events. Like I said, it's FREE.....for now.

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