Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sparkle is Lackluster

I saw SPARKLE last night. Well, the result is: Whitney Houston could still outsing ANYone from a hundred light years away.  Her acting...meh. But she does do a showstopper version of "In the Eyes of the Sparrow" that'll give you a nearly permanent case of goosebumps.  The more likely permanent case of something would be "eyerolls" at this totally uninspired film remake. Are the voices lovely? Yes. Could I have done the cinematography? Yes. Was this directed by Helen Keller? Possibly. Was I impressed by any piece of it? The make-up artistry was fabulous.

I didn't have high expectations, but I could've left about 15 minutes in and been fine.  Everything about the film had great potential to REALLY go somewhere, but unfortunately the script was a major handicap.  Many things happened that were convenient and unjustified - as if the audience was completely underestimated. Most all performances had very little direction or development - though one or two key parts were cast well. Even the Supremes-like musical numbers were lacking on all levels which I had expected to refill the lungs of entertainment at least long enough to make it to the next interesting moment. But no, they all read as one note. 

Sparkle is a floundering fish, my friends. But hey, this is just one opinion. I'm glad that I saw it.  I now know who Jordin Sparks is after hearing her name the last few weeks. I saw Whitney's last performance. Tika Sumpter should be moving on to larger roles, that girl has some chops. And Kimberly Jones - can you please do my eyes? Those things were NEVER without some sparkle. Beautiful work.

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