Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OCD Lucy

Ummmmmm, did I mention I have become a cleanfruit? I say fruit rather than freak because I do NOT need to have everything clean all of the time or I don't sleep at night or break sweats. I have simply been on a cleaning kick which has now upgraded to glistening, dust free fruit status.  Look, people, I JUST learned that the key to organization is to have a place for EVERYTHING which I most certainly do NOT.  So I'm starting with the little things that you suddenly realize are BIG THINGS once you've cleaned them, then the organization can happen in a sparkling space.

So every once in awhile I want to share things that amaze me when I try them.  I am ashamed to admit that I have not written about the magic eraser, but in due course.

I just scoured the tub which probably hasn't had a thorough clean since...it was installed. And Lucille Ball used to own this building. I literally have hated showering in it because of the red gook / bacteria that has built up from a bad drain and also from tile sludge-rust. (Hey!  It's red because its Lucy Bacteria!  Well, I'm with Ricky on this one, I don't love it and never have. Yeowch.)  But you know those spots in YOUR tub that could be....well, let's not think of what they are and just focus on how stubborn and permanent they seem when you clean like a normal person with a can of foamy spray, or in my ex boyfriend's case, powdered ajax - a product he somehow time warped into his shopping bag.

Today, I used this concoction recipe to get the sticky difficult residue off of a seemingly hopeless tub with LITTLE EFFORT.  Use a brush with a handle, yo - SO much easier while you're bending around in there.

In a mixing bowl (not large):

1 cup of baking soda
1 teaspoon of liquid soap
A few drops of Tea Tree oil (or Peppermint)
Water mixed in until it is a PASTE, not a watery mess.

Wet your tub first, then WHAMMO use this stuff to make that tub DANG white again. So white you'll think your tub is Salt Lake City!

Also, I used it on the kitchen sinks. A. Maz. Ing. (Toe-touch) CLEANING NERD!
I may live in this now. Gleaming heavenly white!

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