Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Toby Guidry!

That's who I took a workshop from on Saturday, 4/6.  Full circle for me because he was the very first casting director I workshopped with in Los Angeles. Or anywhere actually.

He is extremely kind.  Unusually nice man for his position. He explains everything in great detail and with good humor.

I prepared a scene from the Actors Key sides vault - ughk - it's always excruciating to go through those sides and find ones that don't SUCK or that are in the vein of the television show that CD is working on.  Since Guidry is on The Ordained (yes I sent a tape in for an audition, yes I got good feedback, no I didn't get the role) I needed something powerful, or with a power play and shout of professionalism. Most everyone in The Ordained is a lawyer, politician or shark. There will be many other characters I'm sure but as far as the pilot goes - aggressive, sharp lawyer types.

I played a flirty journalist finishing up an interview with a young, cocky entrepreneur where I ask him a question leaving him flustered and off-kilter. And perhaps, extremely concerned! Dun dunnnn.

Anyway, I FELT I was totally natural and that the acting portion was clean and good.  But my instincts involving the interpretation of the scene were less, are less? honed. I made a rather obvious choice at the end rather than taking a specific risk that made WAY more sense for dramatic purposes. Toby pointed this out - I agreed - we did another little take and I got my little grade sheet a few minutes later.

That was all well and good.

The unfortunate part of this story is that I keep learning disheartening things for actors that live in Los Angeles. Toby assured us that 90% of the time when filming outside of Los Angeles, say Arizona or Georgia, New Orleans or New York - those roles outside of the series regulars (co-star, guest star) will be cast LOCALLY.  So unless I live in New Orleans, I won't get cast in a role I should be competing for HERE.  But it's not here, it's THERE.  And I don't live there or have the means to fly myself back and forth to audition and then fly myself there and put myself up in a hotel while we shoot if I AM cast.

Toby let us know that for The Ordained there were at least five actors he had to push for casting in the co-star/guest star level, but he had to make each one aware that they had to fly themselves to New York, put themselves up and fly back - all on their own dime.  Did they take the opportunity? Of COURSE THEY DID.  What actors will pass up another credit, another role, something that could deepen your career or "take it to the next level" on a show like that? I suppose I would take it too. But even in THIS case, Toby knew these actors already. He was familiar with their work and they are working, so for someone like me to get that kind of opportunity is grim - as I have yet to get to know many of the CDs in town.  Hm, I think that should be a shared responsibility with my agent, but so far I am scrounging to pay for workshops and the other side of this seesaw has a note that says "Back after lunch!"or "Back after you book something yourself!"

I'm not orange peel about it or anything.

All in all, I've gotta go keep seeing Toby. I need him to recognize me as a good one in the masses. The extra spectacular daffodil among the thousands, brighter than a highlighter made with liquid sunshine. I'll get there, guys....eventually.

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