Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Place Beyond the Pines

You know The Place Beyond the Pines?

Go. Go there now. 
I'll go too.

Emory Cohen.  Where. Did. This. Kid. Come. From? He plays an entitled, white gangsta wannabe with Marlon Brando cool and bit of his thickness. No he's a charming knucklehead whose need to manipulate and control people fills the gaping father/son void. Daddy, I want attention! I got it, now... I'm scared!  Kid is killer good in this film. Enough reason to see it.

That and Dane DeHaan - who we all already know is a badass.  He's got that Gilbert Grape edge and is always looking gloriously ragged, like... all the time. Feral cats can barely compare. His hair and skin are kind of the same color when your brain recollects him. But he's the type that is either totally unnoticeable or completely unforgettable. Guess which the avid fan eye will see? If you saw Lawless (aka formerly The Wettest County), you'd remember he stole the show in that flick.

Also, Gosling is in it less than you think (no complaints here, getting a little bored with his cool-boy loser characters), Bradley Cooper has a double chin (I'll bet he's SO self conscious of it, but don't you love seeing actors from those unflattering angles? I'm probably just envious of his success), and Eva Mendes's boobs look GREAT.

Finally: Ben Mendelsohn. Are you kidding me? Authentic. Pure authenticity and truth in the moment.  What chops that guy must REALLY have.  And when will he star in something? Probably never. I mean STAR star in something.  He should be the lead in House of Cards.  He's the kind of actor I want to spend TIME watching, which is why I immediately think of a series.  Anywho, I want to marry him.  Just kiiiiidding, that alcoholism was a little too believable.

I don't have a lot to say plot-wise. The notions are interesting. The motives unclear. The relationships and passing of our genetics is fascinating and unexpected. For an actor, good character study in vignettes, I would say. I loved the structure of the film even though it was lacking a few beams.

If you take anything away from this blog today though, let it be that you should never EVER go see At Any Price.  At least Derek Cianfrance can direct an actor. AAP is like watching a live version of The Grinch (aka Dennis Quaid) caring a liiiiiiiiittle too much about corn. Remember me saying that thing about talent being attractive? Dennis Quaid is now the Elephant Man.  Heather Graham's only purpose in the film is to lose a shoe in the corn silo.  (Insert corn hole joke here.) And watching Zac Efron is like watching a film I already saw, The Paperboy.  Though actually, his agent was probably like "HEY ZAC - I know you just DID this kind of role, but you were surrounded by like AMAZING actors so how about we do this role AGAIN but instead you do it with DENNIS QUAID and you'll look AMAZING too this time around??!!!"

Zac: .............................sure. ("..........." indicates laying by pool finishing skinny girl mojito)


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