Friday, April 26, 2013

(Keep) Your Friends Close

Have you ever had a terrible roommate experience? My answer - yours too - is YES.  

But somehow I have stumbled upon a seemingly uncanny young woman with whom to share a household. Oddly, about five years ago, I was standing in her apartment in Chicago - an old milk bottle factory (I'm told) - as a stranger in the middle of a wild theater bunch celebrating a trifecta of actress birthdays, one of which was Jocelyn's. I watched her perform the very first time I saw her. I like that fact very much, I do! (said in an Oliver Twist voice)

Then I meet her again in Los Angeles. Actually, I don't know that we really met outside of a sloppy Hey-Hey when she was busy whooping it up and I stood there awkwardly.  But here are we now, two actresses facing this town under the same roof.  

Tomorrow night is the premiere of her first feature film entitled "Your Friends Close".  A title that has ever-so-slowly grown on me upon first hearing it and has now reached barnacle status after viewing the film myself. 

I will say very little about it except these three things:

1. This film is game-centric.
If you are a gamer, you will adore it. If you have played games, you will like it. If you have any interest in the future of games - their possible and perhaps dangerous evolution -  see this film.

2. This film is very smart about relationships - hence the title.  It is an ensemble film with a concentration on a couple and their emerging battle that floats in and out of the public eye.   

3.  This film contains a sequence that you will not be able to turn away from, not for one second. I remember the very moment that my brain locked onto the screen and all else faded away. Total concentration command. Hm, sounds like a game instruction.  

If you are in Los Angeles and wish to see this film tomorrow night - Saturday, 4/27 - click the Link below the poster. (Um, she also has the most awesome poster in the roster....'nuff said.) I am very, very proud of the Fox.

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