Monday, April 22, 2013

Staring at Orchids

Hm. Staring at orchids is a bit like star gazing. No, celebrity star gazing, not millions of years old star gazing (though some celebs may seem this way). There is this gorgeous flower, almost too beautiful in its structure to be real, and yet it is extremely fragile, particular, vulnerable. But you can have one for only $14.99 at Trader Joe's. It is yours for a time. The time you take care of it of course. It requires certain amounts of water and acidity. It requires sunlight but not direct. It needs an open space filled with loveliness and I find it brings such warmth to a cold table. 

Actors are so similar. They bring something real and beautiful to the screen, to the story, to the person that they are for this film only. We buy them for about the same price at Arclight or for our own DVD purchase (that won't be around much longer you think?).  And we basically talk like we own them, don't we? "Her performance was terrible. She sucked." "He looked like sh**." "Why is her hair this way, that way?" We buy magazines with the visage of so and so and the interview with whatsername. We do own them in a way. Popularity is innate with celebrity, with the relevance of actors / actresses. We need you to like us! But like the orchid, you don't have to like anything else except the way we look. The way we add to the ambience. Even a hick in Kentucky can appreciate its exotic nature and leave it alone. 

I think of real beauty all the time. What IS it? To me, it is a natural quality - a person's skin and features, yes, but it is the personality that glows underneath that pins one down so resonantly. Isabella Rossellini is a great example. Never modified. Always herself. She does and asks you to accept. Do you? Usually yes. If not, who cares?  Does a new wrinkle scare her? No, she welcomes it to the party and says don't make too much noise.  I wake up and think "Oh my, my skin, my scars, my everything in the morning" - but is that not what makeup is for? What being a woman is about? I don't know exactly. Yes and uncomfortably no.  I love how makeup can transform but honestly? I look terrible with too much on. I look like a clown or at least not myself.   Give me concealer, mascara and lip gloss and I'll be happy. 

This blog is only a musing.  I think of photos that make people/actors/models look incredible. But they are normal with normal flaws. Some skinnier than others but so what? Where is the REAL beauty today? I love Carey Mulligan's face. She has a funny, slopey nose and demeanor, but she is pale with large, soulful eyes and such wonder!  Her beauty is strange but exactly what I want to see, like an orchid. I cannot wait to see The Great Gatsby. Entirely enthralled in anticipation.  I must read it again before it appears, it has been too long.

Anyway, I wish we could appreciate humans for their natural beauty. Many people come through my work that are just stunning but not aesthetically gorgeous, just overwhelmingly beautiful in their personalities. It humbles me and astounds me. It upsets me too.  But one day when I have enough power I will influence that portion. 

Love to the universe on this night. 

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